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Precision Assist helps hospitals ensure their O.R. staffing needs are always met by providing highly-trained surgical assistants who are skilled in a multitude of surgical specialties.


Realize Tangible Benefits

The benefits of our surgical assist services are many:

  • Increased operating room productivity
  • Continuity of patient care
  • Less exposure to risk
  • Reductions in operative costs

These benefits ultimately lead to a reduced cost, heightened surgeon, and patient satisfaction. Precision Assist can relieve the administrative burden placed on your O.R. staff.

See Greater Productivity and Efficiency in the O.R.

Our surgical assistants cover various roles across a broad spectrum of surgical procedures.  These include, but are not limited to, supporting anesthesia needs, covering all aspects of perioperative care, adapting to a variety of surgeon preferences, and supporting O.R. staff. Our team enables hospitals and surgeons to boost O.R. utilization through more efficient practices. We help you become more productive, more efficient, and better equipped to provide quality care.


Reduce Operative Costs

Our surgical assistants collaborate closely with surgeons and hospital staff which ensures lines of communication remain open and there is complete transparency. This can help hospitals reduce operative costs stemming from accidental supply waste, unnecessary instrument usage, and excessive wastes of time attributable to waiting for proper equipment or supplies. Improving quality and reducing operative costs are important derivatives gained from the knowledge and experience Precision Assist brings to the table.

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