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Our Surgical Assists work directly with your surgeon to streamline surgical procedures and promote excellence in every phase of your operation. Our team abides by all facility protocols and policies, state laws, and federal regulations, working in unison with your healthcare provider to provide quality care in the O.R.

What does my Surgical Assist do for me?

  • Before surgery, a Surgical Assist will reexamine your records and medical charts to verify that all available precautions have been implemented before conferring with the operating room.
  • The Surgical Assist next verifies that all needed equipment and instruments are present in the O.R. and arranged to suit the surgeon’s preference.
  • Once you are in the operating room and under anesthesia, the Surgical Assist works directly under the surgeon’s supervision and provides surgical support as directed. The Surgical Assist is an experienced and licensed professional certified to aid the surgeon on case of emergency.
  • Postoperatively, the Surgical Assist assesses your condition to ensure the operation was successful and determines if there are any post-operative complications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a Surgical Assist involved in my care?

Your surgeon requests that a Surgical Assist be present during surgery.  The Surgical Assist is present to provide your surgeon with additional support and to promote a positive outcome.

Are there risks to using a Surgical Assistant?

Using a Surgical Assist in the O.R. adds no additional risk. In fact, our goal is to reduce risk and help provide top-notch surgical support in your time of need. Nevertheless, our assistance in the O.R. doesn’t eliminate the risks associated with your surgery.  You should discuss those risks with your surgeon.

Who pays for Surgical Assist services?

In most cases, your insurance carrier will pay for all the costs associated with our services.  The amount often depends on your carrier and the terms of your coverage. However, our goal is to assist you in obtaining complete coverage of costs for our services.

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