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Founded in 2015, Precision Assist has quickly grown to become the preeminent provider of surgical first assist services in North America. Our clinically-trained and fully-credentialed physician's assistants, nurse practitioners, and first assists are experienced in every surgical specialty. We believe in complete transparency and strive to maintain consistent feedback and an open dialogue with physicians. Communication is at the heart of everything we do.





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Our experience in the O.R. is unparalleled as evidenced by thousands of successful surgical cases performed annually.





We work with many of North America's leading hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, and clinics to provide highly qualified surgical first assists.

Guiding Principles: Our Mission

Precision Assist specializes in assisting surgeons both in and out of the operating room, all while delivering superior service levels. We take pride in our commitment to successful surgical outcomes, benefitting patients and healthcare providers. We deliver our services in a professional, ethical, and reliable manner that ensures we provide the highest quality of care.

Outlook & Perspective: Our Vision

Precision Assist seeks to work closely with the best surgeons in the country and strives to cultivate the industry’s best surgical assists. We look to maintain the highest standards of quality in every branch of the company, and we promote a culture that nurtures and enriches our employees. We want to become the preeminent provider of surgical assists, delivering competent and caring services in every facet of our operations.

The Best Help You Can Find


Physician Assistants


Nurse Practitioners


First Assists

Our PAs undergo rigorous medical training and are graduates of accredited PA programs. They complete comprehensive testing in general medicine before they are licensed and certified, and they participate in extensive continuing education programs. Our PAs are certified as medical generalists with a foundation in primary care. They have the experience to make life-saving diagnostic and therapeutic decisions, working both autonomously or cooperatively with a team of medical professionals.

Our nurse practitioners can prescribe medication, examine patients, diagnose illnesses, and provide treatment, alleviating some of the burden placed on physicians. In fact, in 20 states, our nurse practitioners have “full practice authority,” meaning they don’t have to work under the direct supervision of a physician. Their experience as working nurses gives them a unique perspective to patient care, and their advanced studies qualifies them to assume additional duties that are typically left to physicians.

Our surgical first assists are among the industry’s best. Our first assistants actively participate and play an important role in surgical procedures. Their duties may include providing exposure, hemostasis, tying, or sewing, in addition to other duties not left to the scrub nurse or technician and all as prescribed by the primary surgeon overseeing the procedure.

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